Friday, August 8, 2014

My hostesses

So I run a monthly hostess club, where each member makes a minimum order of $50 before shipping/taxes each month. Each month one of the ladies is the "hostess" the hostess receives a minimum of $35 in FREE PRODUCT of her choice.

Each month I create (CASE) something as a little thank you for their order. Last month's order just arrived here today and my wonderful ladies will be receiving this cute little treat.

I posted these on here earlier, these ones though I made up today in a mass hurry. My "to do list" has grown very large and I knew their order was arriving today so they had to get done. 

After I had finished dying the ribbon, my daughter (Miss N) and I met up with some friends for dinner. She decided to laugh at me because my hands were that color. I wont add the supply list  here as it is already posted.

Thanks for lookin' and have a Stampin' day!

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